IDRISS D, an electronic artist rooted in jungle and drum and bass, embarked on his DJing journey in 1998 in Algeria. With a focus on music from the onset, his first record release in 2007 marked a turning point, realizing the potential to sustain himself through his passion. Playing eclectic mixes contrasting mainstream tracks, IDRISS D carved a niche in electronic music while embracing diverse influences, including minimal, electronica, and drum and bass.
His latest release, “Lunatic 2,” a sequel to his initial release, showcases his affinity for jungle and breaks, featuring a rework by admired artist Gilb’R. Rejecting nostalgia, IDRISS D looks forward in the electronic music landscape, distinguishing seasoned artists from those seeking fleeting fame.

Scheduled for release on his label, Memento Records, “Lunatic 2” drops in October, accompanied by a vinyl version. Having recently performed in the US, IDRISS D looks forward to a brief hiatus to rejuvenate before diving back into his musical endeavors.

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Title/Cat.No.: Lunatic 2 / MEMENTO050
Release Date/Format: 27.10.2023 / Digital & Vinyl