Glacial Cadenza Podcast 186

Here The duo of Giorgio Lemos and Ilan Manouach joined forces more than ten years ago, drawn together in a quest to satisfy their yearnings outside of their chosen musical disciplines. Lemos has built up a respectable career as a producer of house and techno, releasing music on labels as highly regarded as Cecille, Resopal, Be Chosen and Bass Culture since 2006. Equally he has spent those years touring the world as both a DJ and live act, visiting some of the most notorious clubs on the circuit including Panoramabar, Fabric and Rex Club to name but a few. Manouach has been a visual artist, publisher and improvisational musician since 2001, tackling experimental music through projects such as cut-up noise duo Balinese Beast and free improvisation with pianist Agusti Fernandez. In their work as Glacial, Lemos and Manouach have constantly experimented with both their recorded and live material, testing the limits of improvisation as well as composition. In 2012 they contributed to the fabled Hotel Costes series on Welcome To Masomenos to much acclaim, creating a complete statement of their creative vision through challenging rhythmic constructions and loose, impulsive melodic content that reflected their live approach. In addition they have released singles on Six D.O.G.S and Equivalence as well as appearing on Joris Voorn’s Fabric 83 compilation. Rather than adhering to a dogma in either the jazz or the techno world, Glacial’s place is in this unpredictable flux of an establishment, relishing the inspiring and open-ended possibilities of all sounds, existing comfortably alongside those other vagabond auteurs who refuse to fit the mould. ]]>