Idriss D – Dib002 "Alger" on Memento

Idriss D’s second installment in his Dib series on Memento comes with an original track backed by a remix from Spanish maestro Eduardo De La Calle.

Titled “Alger”, it’s a heartfelt dedication to the Algeria capital, a city that was a key factor in Idriss growing up and formative teenage years. The feeling and mood of his youth are the inspiration behind this superb piece of music, a diverse work touching on several levels of composition. The Original opens with a field recording intro followed shortly after by heavy bass shots and a pulsating kick drum. Snare patterns and an underwater synth melody hit the speakers with an abstract touch, while halfway through the pace changes with a new bass coming in. An experimental and brave track, it reflects Idriss’ DJing style and his long sets, going into different mental spaces, a wavelike combination of beats and up&down rhythms.

Eduardo De La Calle’s trademark analog sounds fill his Tribute remix with acid keyboards, rim shot grooves, industrial noises and metallic vibes, swinging with a rolling bass line and bringing the original percussions to the fore.