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A journey where techno enters a land of shadows and rarefactions, escaping images, dark suggestions. Where gravity becomes a relative concept, uncertain, and where cinematic refractions count as much as the dancefloor rules, in a continuous encounter/clash.
It was time to get involved. Get involved deeper. After plenty of non-trivial satisfactions (and an album, “Boats”, on Life and Death), at the end of 2013 comes the time for Federico to higher the stake: he leaves the Clockwork project, willing to travel solo.
The richness of past experiences, the years in New York at heart (and in the musical and retinal education); a musical background that goes from the sharp and geometrical hip-hop of Gang Starr to the spirituality of Basic Channel's techno dub (passing through the visionaries of Radiohead and to the complex lightness of Matthew Herbert). Well: all these generated a new sinuous, fascinating and profound sonic venture.
First, it was “Millenium”, year 2014: tracks recreating a sense of space, mapping an itinerary, breathing deeply. Then it was time for “Vertere”, 2015, a joint venture with revered Mind Against, able to bring listeners on a journey outward while mirroring a simultaneous labyrinthine journey inward. 2016 brought “Triangle”, included in Afterlife label very first release “A Realm Through Consciousness”, a sonic affair traveling through mesmerizing synth and effective reverbs – a true Odyssey within itself.
A path was set, actually. And it was further enriched by an amazing collaboration with the legendary Deutsche Grammophon label, as Somne was the executive producer chosen by Tale Of Us for their “Endless” release on such a giant (and had remixing duties as well, on the track “Venatori”). It was time to take a step further, though. And its name was Aura Dinamica.
Music label co-funded with Oscar Morgan, aka Portrait (and distributed by Âme & Dixon’s Muting The Noise”). Some incredibly brilliant releases coming into play, “Speed, Noise, Machinery & The City”, “Ink Eye”, “Risveglio Di Una Città”, the latter being overtly inspired by early 20th century Futurismo movement while still getting straight at the heart of the dancefloor. A “Various Artists” release, amazingly depicting the sound of the label (Somne’s own contribution was the track “Dust”). Plus, some very special ventures, as Somne is definitely an open-minded musical warrior, as he crossed ways with Italian pop wunderkind Venerus, remixing the “Forse Ancora Dorme” track, turning into poisonous and angular machinery.



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