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Underground DJ and producer, vinyl defender, audio engineer, AnalogueCop.Italian DJ and producer Lucretio a.k.a. Domenico Cipriani was born inPadua, in the year in which Cybotron (a.k.a Juan Atkins) released his firstelectro tracks. 
In 2008 he started with Marieu "The Analogue Cops" project, which hasblossomed into a more house orientated outlet for the duo's work. Theyrelease their material on Restoration, sometimes collaborating withnd_baumecker, or Steffi (Dolly / Klakson). With Steffi they also form the'Third Side' project, which will have released an acclaimed debut album,'Unified Fields' released in the Autumn of 2012.Of the same year, are thefirst tracks produced with Marieu and Blawan as Parassela.
Since september 2009 he has released on the label 'Live Jam Records' as'ACE' (together with EMG and Marieu) and as Appointment (with EMG, Marieuand John Swing). Alongside Marieu and the Live Jam Records crew, hestarted the “Appointment” platform which led to an official remix ofMoodymann’s seminal “I Can’t Kick This Feeling When It Hits” .
Finally, in 2011, he founded his solo label 'Machines State Polymers', whichhas already a little piece of history. In the same year prompted andsustained by Locus Solus productions, he has been teaching teachingsynthesis, sampling and mixing techniques in small workshop of resoundingsuccess. After having mastered his skills and knowledge of the Elektronmachines, he is know training electronic producers to master the use andcontrol of the Octatrack sampler, gaining the official support of the Swedishbrand. His latest solo live, named "Octatracking" is a showchase of thestriking sonic possibilities of this tool as a performance hub.



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