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Underground DJ and producer, vinyl lover and activist, vintage-synth junkie,Analogue Cop.Marieu was born in Padua, Italy, during the emerging yearsof House Music. In the mid 90s his first club experiences with house anddisco set in, and eventually he found his way into more refined or complexelectronic styles.Dissatisfied with the Italian club scene at the time, he moved to Barcelona in2004, where he began DJing, under the influence of some of the biggestTechno DJs visiting the clubs there. In that sunny city he also met fellowcountryman Lucretio, sharing a passion for true house and techno, andDetroit's melodic influence.After a couple of years of spinning and clubbing together,they decided tomove to Berlin,where together they founded a strictly underground vinyllabel named, 'Restoration Records'.Marieu’s first solo appearance on the label came out in summer of 2008;'Hammer', on the 'Resistance On My Mind Ep'. In that track, Marieu showedthe development of his own sound: warm and funky, solid and relentless.The track was lauded by a wealth of 'True Techno' DJs around the globe.In the spring of 2009, Marieu and Lucretio began a collaboration with Steffi(OstGut / Dolly / Klakson), naming their project 'Third Side'. Their first fullEP, 'Nyx' (RST010) was highly acclaimed and quickly sold out, naturally onvinyl only. Third Side now offer up their first album, 'Unified Fields'; a heavydebut of purist house, techno and electro made only with outboard, hardwareequipment.Since September 2009 he has released more raw and pumping hardware-only tracks on the 'Live Jam Records' label, as 'ACE' (together with EMG andLucretio) and as 'Appointment' (with EMG, John Swing and Lucretio).In summer of 2010, Marieu founded the 'Appointment' imprint together withLucretio and his friends from 'Relative Records'. As Appointment they made 2official remixes of Moodymann ́s track 'I Can ́t Kick This Feeling When ItHits', which saw a release on the 'Decks Reworx' label.In 2011 Marieu started his solo label Enlightened Wax, with focus on his ownmaterial.Always pro-active, together with Blawan and Lucretio, Marieustarted a new project called 'Parassela', focussing on raw punchyunderground techno. The first release as Parassela is already a collector’sitem.Marieu's latest project is called "Colour of Observation" and it is the fruit ofhis friendship with Cristopher Rau. Together they released in the summer of 2015 the highly acclaimed and quickly sold-out "Sidewalk Romeos" EP on theItalian Out-er Recordings. His relentless mixes (absolutely vinyl-only) range from the funkiest Chicagotracks to the heaviest Brooklyn techno, but always affected by a strongDetroit/Berlin leaning.Marieu is a connoisseur of anima and manga, being deeply fascinated by theJapanese culture. He draws all the artwork for the Restoration label and isalso in charge of creating the videos for the label. Together with Lucretio heworks at a record distributor in Berlin, nurturing the deep cultural values thatvinyl brings with it.



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