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Louison seamlessly integrates himself into all of his musical projects.
Whether he's behind the counter at the new record shop A-One Paris, an extension of the legendary A1 Records (NYC), or engaged in his daily search for a diverse range of records, he effortlessly navigates between genres, drawing inspiration from the vibrant underground cultures of the 90s.
Always eager to share experiences with his listeners, he doesn't limit himself to just playing records. He has ventured into archiving and producing as well. On his YouTube channel, "Twenty-Six Hours A Day" he uploads forgotten records that he believes deserve to be shared.
Louison dedicates hours in his studio, tirelessly seeking the perfect sound for his tracks. His sound can be best described as a blend of Electro and House, with a unique touch derived from his diverse range of influences including dub, trance, downtempo, and more.
In his perspective, both in life and music, everything revolves around the concepts of balance and spontaneity.



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