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Gojnea76, with a decade-long catalog of standout releases, has crafted a unique sound that energizes and challenges the dancefloor with its bold, punchy style, drawing inspiration from everything artsy, be it metal bands, cinematography or photography. There's a heavy-handed heaviness to his music, while functionality or adherence to certain patterns do not seem to matter in his work.
His music, known for its one-step-ahead flair, blurs the lines of modern electronic genres, creating tracks that are seductive and head-turning.
Gojnea’s distinctive approach to sound has set him apart, offering a fresh perspective in a scene often crowded with the familiar. Plenty of established vinyl labels are hosting Gojnea’s work, aside his ambitious digital catalogue.
Besides this, the artist has set the ground of Future Electronics, his own imprint. You’re looking at a hidden jam right here. Alongside his studio creations, he is constantly touring across Europe and the USA, bringing his distinctive sound to live audiences and solidifying his presence in the electronic music scene.



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