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Desirée Falessi

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Desirée Falessi doesn’t fear change nor adopt any stereotypes.
With a natural affinity for genres such as electro, techno, progressive trance, acid and break, she navigates through different soundscapes, creating a high-frequency environment in which she cannot be pigeonholed into a single genre.
Owner of Strain, her own record label, Desirée cultivates an underground atmosphere through her parties held in different venues in Buenos Aires.
Desirée's talent has caught the attention of labels such as Warning (BER), Ratiug Recordings (UY), Pulse Records (UY), Modern Rewind in 12'' format (PR), Mana Abundance (BER), and her own Strain in 12'' format (ARG). In anticipation of the new first solo EP on her own imprint Influencia, Desirée continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences with her innovative sound.



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