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Artistically born in 1990 during a performance at the Alter Ego, a well-known club inVerona (Italy) Marco Dionigi’s particular style was immediately noticed by therenowned Art Director Andrea Oliva, who apparently remained enchanted by themiscellaneous of electro-beat and experimental, which clear allusions to the 80s’electro wave characterized at the time Dionigi’s compositions.Thanks to the peculiar sounds of his style, Dionigi soon became one the mostappreciated Italian DJs, and the pieces created in his own studio with the inspiringname of Ursa Major (founded in 1991) developed into instant successes on thedance floors nation-wide. Meanwhile, Alter Ego is turning into one of the main ItalianClubs.In 1993 Dionigi creates a new sound called Slow Motion by merging BPM bass withhypnotic melodies and top resonances of new age/ethno dark wave. This is also theyear of the foundation of “Tube Records”, a label that will expand Dionigi’s successacross Europe with the unforgettable tracks, Anaconda, Heaven Flute, Le Serpent,Way Out, The Hard Rocks, Seregenti, Manta, Freefall, I’m Not Invisible, Le Tambura,The Ghost, Very Interesting, Cross, If You Wanna Party and Holiday in Africa.Under the artistic direction of Andrea Oliva, Dionigi starts a collaboration with theMazoom Club, where, for seven years, he basically invents the trendiest Fridaynights’ events called “Love Afterhours”. After that he started to experiment the firstVestax CD Player thanks to the birth of laser technology through compact disks.Dionigi enthusiastically jumps into the computer era by realizing sophisticated piecesthat are immediately sought by the most famous Italian Clubs: Mazoom, il Muretto,Kinky, Ecu, Area City, and Cocorico. In 1994 the successful partnership with thefather of all Italian DJs: Daniele Baldelli, the creator of the Cosmic Sound – afriendship that will inspire important electro-funk projects for several years, andcountless pieces of music such as Cosmicdiba and Dibadub (Gomma Records,1999); the celebrated, particularly in Canada, Funkadiba - The Future Funk(Jaywork, 2003); the Alien Picnic album (Jaywork, 2002), entirely realized by Dionigi.The Dionigi-Baldelli team created their own label, “Pedivelle Records”, whichimmediately attracts attention with the track I Must Feel Better and the secondbrilliant album Those Lights (Marco Dionigi). They get noticed by “EskimoRecordings” and were invited to remix pieces realized by famous artists, among whoHolger Czukay, Alicia, Bridges, Spirit, Bronx Irish, Kevin Harrison, The DreamSyndicate, Richard Bone, Torch Song and Arpadis – all tracks are included in theCosmic Rock album produced by “Eskimo Recordings”.Dionigi currently collaborates with “Prismatikone Records”, with the new branch“Quantistic Division” where he is the A&R Manager.The birth of “Quantistic Division” begins with the need of Marco Dionigi to create alabel that represents his own music. “Quantistic Division” will propose ElectronicMusic, Experimental and House Funk music, reaching new frontiers of sound capesand new wave sounds of the next generation.Marco Dionigi wants to fascinate with new sonorities frontiers with this new label, fullof rhythm and minimalistic sound of alien harmonies full with messages. In otherwords like the quantic physic is taking us to the string theory and into the 11dimensions of Edward Witten. Dionigi wants to be part of this new frontier ofconsciousness bringing the music where no one has ever dared before!Modifica



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