New Signing [ITALY EXCLUSIVE] : Honey Dijon & Simina Grigoriu

HONEY DIJON Screenshot 2015-11-26 11.54.05 Honey Dijon bridges scenes, cities, eras and artistic mediums. Growing up in Chicago, she charmed her way into legendary clubs like Ron Hardy’s Music Box from an absurdly young age. She first wrapped her head around DJing by watching Derrick Carter play records in his loft. (She still counts him as a best friend.) It was after a move to New York in the ’90s that she really cut her teeth as a DJ and, later, as a producer. Manhattan provided an unmatched opportunity to catch a generation of DJs and nightclubs in their prime, and it also put Honey in touch with the fashion world, where she found success programming music for runway shows and playing records at the afterparties. She also played at some of the world’s best clubs and nights, including Chicago’s Smart Bar, Danny Krivit’s 718 Sessions and Panorama Bar. SIMINA GRIGORIU a8022c5a-5eb9-4e15-ae5f-b14f0a7510bc With a strong musical background, each of Simina’s sets tells a new story and makes her cultural roots known, showcasing impetuous and dynamic techno, music without inhibitions, both active and emotive at the same time. Her birght style has led to invites at many stages around the world such as Fabric (London), Nitsa & City Hall (Barcelona), Watergate, Berghain & Tresor (Berlin), Womb (Tokyo), Cocorico (Italy), Social Club (Paris), Piknic Electronik (Canada), Berlin Days Festival (NYC), Fusion Festival (Rumania), Stereo City Festival (Berlin), among many others. This November, following various single releases for labels like Sonat Records, Intelectro Vibe, Susumu, Frequenza Records Bohemian Yacht Club, Simina is set to deliver a superb EP on Popof’s label Form Music. The two-track Ep “Matching Numbers Ep” will be released this November 16h. Stay tuned! ]]>