Out Now! Memento027 Eduardo De La Calle – Leistung & Entwicklung EP

http://bit.ly/Memento027_Decks Juno :http://bit.ly/Memento027_Juno Deejay.de : http://bit.ly/Memento027_Deejayde memento0027 After remixing Idriss D’s Alger’, Eduardo De La Calle returns to Memento Records with a 2 tracker. The Spanish vinyl maestro, Analog Solutions label owner and Beatz documentary maker delivers 2 majestic cuts of Deep Techno at its best, inspired by the early Ricardo Villalobos music released on Kanzleramt or Playhouse some 15 years ago.Following the same ideas of building and de-constructing sound patterns made up of pure Minimal elements, Eduardo here tries to be as simple as he can: direct and repetitive, back and forth non stop compositions that take on a life of their own as they expand and contract. The EP was made in a week of intense and mesmerizing studio work.Die Einfuhrung’ is a 10 minute number where Korg Poly 61 arpeggios and spellbinding melodies draw the listener down a psychedelic hole of frequency shiftings and lysergic percussions. Sonst Werden’ is built around hazy chords and ghostly vocal snippets soaked in a feedback of tape delay, sinister ambient sounds vibrating in the background.]]>