Idriss D presents Constantine [Memento:Dib001]

Dib001 is the brand new concept from Idriss D, the first of a series of EPs on his own Memento label which will feature an original track backed by an exclusive remix from one of his favourite producers. 

A long time resident in Italy’s most renowned clubs, Idriss D’s career behind the decks dates back to the early 2000s. Known socially more as a DJ and label owner than a producer due to his several commitments in the Dance Music industry, this string of releases will see him reach out to new horizons, bringing his studio skills to the fore and exploring uncharted territories.

After his highly acclaimed Sunset In Kreuzberg EP, Dib001 shifts gears and goes straight into Techno mode: “Constantine” is a steady number, its acid bass line slugging around a dark Lfo pulse and punching snares. Piano chords slow down the pace here and there, adding a dreamy touch to the mood. On remix duties, Idriss drafts in Gaetano Parisio, the Godfather of the Italian Techno scene: his track has a more percussive feel, with a classy swinging rhythm that takes over the original groove.