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Terrence Parker

Terrence Parker (known to many as “TP”) born and raised in Detroit, has become legendary for his quite uncommon yet skillful turntablism style of playing House Music. TP has also become widely admired because he uses an actual telephone handset as headphones.

Terrence’s first DJ gig was for his classmate’s eight grade graduation party in June of 1982.While a sophomore at Southfield High School in 1983, Terrence entered into his school’s radioprogram, WSHJ 88.3 FM. He started as an on-air DJ, mixing music and gaining fans throughout Metro-Detroit and parts of Canada. It was during this time Terrence was introduced to Detroit Techno and House Music from Chicago.

In 1988, Terrence released his first Techno EP as part of the critically acclaimed group Separate Minds with members Lou Robinson and Marc Kinchen. From 1988 thru 1996 Terrence released music on Detroit based labels KMS, Serious Grooves, Simply Soul, and Submerge. In 1993, Terrence established his own music label Intangible Records.

Terrence has performed as a DJ in 43 countries throughout the world and has released more than 100 recordings on his Intangible Records label and various labels including Sony, Defected, Nervous, Kingstreet, and Purple Music. Terrence has top 20 hits with his songs “Love’s Got Me High”, “The Question” and Number # 1 charting albums like “Life On The Back 9” and “Detroit After Dark”. Terrence is also making his mark as a techno producer with his “Alarm The Sound”track topping the 2016 Traxsource Top 200 Techno Singles chart at Number # 3.

In 2017 Terrence released two albums; “GOD Loves Detroit” released in the Spring of 2017 on Carl Craig’s Planet E Communications label in Detroit, and “Motor City Life” released in the Fall of 2017 on Goldmin Records in Paris. The “GOD Loves Detroit” album features TP collaborations with Coco Street, and additional projects with Merachka (who co-produced, co-wrote, and singson the first single entitled “Don’t Waste Another Minute” which also features a remix by London’s As I Am) released in February 2016. The album “Motor City Life” features a collection of unreleased versions of house and hip hop (downtempo) tracks.

Terrence’s 2014 album entitled, “Life On The Back 9” released in January 2014 on Carl Craig’sPlanet E label in Detroit was rereleased as an expanded remix album in November 2014 on Defected Records in London. This album which in its debut reached number # 1 on the Traxsource Top 100 Albums Sales Chart, tells the story of how he was encouraged by his father to continue on forward by the struggles and challenges of life. The album features the writing contributions and vocal performances by Merachka, Coco Street, Kelly Gunn, Reno Ka, and features remixes by Carl Craig, Underground Resistance/Timeline, Louie Vega, Josh Milan, Monty Luke, Marc Romboy, Merachka, House Of Praise and Terrence Parker.

Terrence does not like to be put in a box. Instead he prefers to be viewed as one who enjoys various styles of music which can often be heard in his music productions and DJ set. He hasestablished himself as one of electronic music’s legendary Producer/DJs and continues to be in high demand as a touring DJ, Producer, and Remixer. Keep your eyes and ears open for more tocome from Detroit’s own Terrence Parker.

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