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At an early age, when most kids are discovering video games and girls, Germanproduction wizard Frank Heinrich, aka Reboot, was creating tracks on the studioequipment that he purchased with his small savings. This precocious talentwasnurtured by illicit nights out sneaking in to Sven Väth’s Omen club in Frankfurt,Germany, where Reboot grew up.Despite Reboot’s early indoctrination into tough techno sounds, he draws from avariety musical influences. As a producer, his approach borrows sounds from allcorners of the musical spectrum from classic house, world music, jazz, funk or r&b.Alongside his friends, based around the legendary “Freebase Records” Shop, hespearheaded“the new sound of Frankfurt”. The result is what Reboot calls a “complexpolyrhythmic architecture” and what dance floors call “dynamite”.Reboot has consistently evolved as an artist without ever losing his initial rush ofpassion that pushed him out ofhis career in banking and into the arms the ofelectronicmusic industry. In a career that has ranged from early collaborations,to his currentincarnation as a widely demanded solo artist.He has released classic records on labels such as Cadenza, Cocoon, Defected,SeiEsDrum, Moon Harbour, Circus, Renaissance, Below, Cecille and many manymore. His inquisitive musical nature pushed Reboot to constantly experiment with newsounds and rhythms. This has allowed him to develop into a compelling performer whofeels equally at home behind the decks or playing live.In 2010, Reboot released his eagerly awaited debut artist album “Shunyata”. Thisdistillation of two decades immersed in music, “Shunyata” is the sound of an artist infull command of his medium,mingling intelligent and exotic sound structures with thepropulsive, dance floor consciousness that has earned him fans across the globe.Theword “Shunyata” is rooted in Sanskrit and means emptiness, however, as thrilledaudiences will agree, Reboot hasredefined this word for the 21st century with a fulland wholesome sound. Following the success of “Shunyata” and his performances inIbiza, Spain, he has carried his musical endeavors throughout the world at majorfestivals and nightclubs.His second album “Deep_V” came out in 2014 on Deep VibesRecording, followed by his longplayer “aLive” on “Get Physical in late 2016, includingreworks by “Ricardo Villalobos”, “Kölsch” or “Anna” amongst others. A new longplayeris on the work for 2021.Until today,Reboot’s musical journey has spanned the world,traveling to nearly every temple of house and techno music, such as Ushuaia (Ibiza),Pacha (Ibiza), Amnesia (Ibiza), Womb (Tokyo), Fabric (London), Robert Johnson(Frankfurt)and most major Festivals like Ultra (Miami, Japan, Singapore), Awakenings(NL) or Tomorrowland (NL) Reboot has joined the ranks of some of the most respected names in thehouse andtechnorealm, playeda pivitol role inLuciano`s Vagabundos Brand, Reboot’s very ownRock N’ Beats party atthe Ushuaïa (Ibiza),his residency at Pacha (Ibiza), NoonRecords (till 2018)or his latest encounters in Frankfurt at his local residency at FREUDClub.For2021 the releasescheduleispackedwith new releasesandhisnewlabel“RBT.”willlaunchin September with a re-release of histrack“Caminando”.In addition to his own musical projects, Reboot isinvolvedin the field of artistpromotionanddevelopment in FrankfurtasaMECof theKamoriMusic production team/ Label,as a lecturer in sound synthesis& electronic music productionat the SAE InstituteFrankfurtand as a Sounddesigner(rbt.studio)



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