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Mutant Joe

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Mutant Joe is a young producer and DJ from Brisbane, Australia, now based in Berlin.
Mutant Joe’s genreless approach draws together styles from jungle to baile funk to Southern US trap by foregrounding bass-heavy, distorted beats and pulling at the threads of pitch-black gothic horror that run through his disparate influences.
The elusive Australian producer first made waves with a pair of releases on UK label Natural Sciences, Home Invasion Anthems and Operation Chaos. A prolific collaborator, early releases included collaborations with like-minded producers and rappers like Freddie Dredd, TRiPPJONES and Brodinski.
In his first few years on the scene, Mutant Joe quickly caught the attention of publications like FACT Mag, Dummy and XLR8R, as well as producers like TNGHT (Hudson Mohawke & Lunice), who included multiple tracks from Home Invasion Anthems in their BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix at the end of 2019.
Mutant Joe carries serious momentum on his arrival at Steel City Dance Discs, off the back of a series of EP’s, singles and a second full-length, 2021’s Dream Corrupter. That record saw him turn away from the Southern rap indebted sound that was his early trademark, and embrace an unclassifiable and borderless kind of club music that touched on baile funk, UKG, dancehall and myriad styles in between.
An unpredictable talent whose experimental streak shows no signs of fading, Mutant Joe’s shapeshifting approach has made him one of Australia’s most exciting new producers.



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