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A genuine love for music and the community behind it is what assembled Miluhska’s artistic journey from the ground up. Starting her career in late 2020, her talent and perseverance have enabled her to rapidly grow in Miami’s underground scene. Ever since, she’s built a name for herself through her sound, not only DJing but also writing, composing, singing and releasing music with artists all over the world. Tapping into several sub-genres within house and techno, Miluhska’s open- minded musical taste allows her to cater to all music lovers from every spectrum, leading to appearances in venues ranging from Club Space (MIA) to Somewhere Nowhere (NYC) and onwards to parties and festivals overseas in cities such as Ibiza, Amsterdam and Bimini.
While carrying a solid solo career, she co-founded Roujeee Tunes: a femme DJ trio fueled by a shared purpose between them—a desire to cultivate a creative community and to curate personalized experiences through their performances. The visionary prowess of the three have truly helped shape who Miluhska is as an artist.
These attributes mixed with her charismatic personality, fashion sense and wide versatility in her sound are what make her an unstoppable force.



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