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Parisian based electronic DJ and producer MehdiM offers up a perfect snapshot of the influences and sounds that make him sound unique, from the cosmic funk sounds to raw electro breaks and lush intergalactic grooves, the young DJ and Producer will firmly place himself on the musical map with a series of earth-quaking thuds.

Having been raised in Egypt, MehdiM is also a partner in Sakanat Records based in Cairo. Looking back to where the brand came from, Sakanat has been welcoming bastions of the underground to Egypt for some time and what was born from a group of music lovers noticing a massive gap in the market resulted in this crew bringing high-grade electronic music to their country for the very first time. This resulted in such influential artists such as Dyed Soundorom, The Ghost, Christian AB, Alexandra, Varhat, Cabanne, Lamache, and Francesco Del Garda among those to have rocked their parties and subsequently joining the organically growing Sakanat family.

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