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“Funkadiba” is a project that involves two important artists : Daniele Baldelli, a DJ since 1969, considered one of the first Italian DJs. One of the greatest innovators of the Italian disco scene for his eclectic style called Cosmic Sound. Marco Dionigi, dj and producer since 1990, influenced by various styles of music, in particular with the Cosmic sound. They are great fans of each other and have shared their musical research together over the past 20 years.

Just think …He began before there were mixers and headphones!
Being a dee-jay was an art that still had to be invented with his fantasy, his love of music, his technical research, his passion and instinct, has ranged and experimented all musical styles, without having any model of reference. Always alternative and futuristic, he played the turntables of several discos and clubs. From the Tabù Club to the Baia degli Angeli, from the Cosmic to the Fura and then London, Paris, Moma PS1, Sydney Opera House, Tokyo and Balì, Unknown Festival, Festival No. 6, Dekmantel.

From the beginning he has shown a deep interest in experimental and alternative music.
Influenced by numerous musical styles (ethno, dub, funk, electro and new age) in 1990 he was able, at once, to enforce himself on to the trendy italian club panorama , playing exclusively songs of his own composition !!!. His characteristic sound has brought lot s of success to one of the most famous italian disco: ALTER EGO (Verona) introducing him into the discos all over Italy.
Without a doubt, Marco Dionigi represents a rarity on the music scene with his original, exclusive and great impact sound.

From the meeting of these two artists, FUNKADIBA is born! (WOW !!!)
The funky roots and the cosmic sound by Daniele Baldelli, interpreted by Marco Dionigi, in an alchemy of electronic experiments.

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