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Fabio Florido

Dancers, night-clubs, artist’s, creators, visionaries... Every moment and every personalong the path of Fabio’s journey from childhood, to nightlife promoter, to present daymusic producer, creator, disc jockey,Nemophilist, brand ambassador, lover and giver-has left a deeply rooted and centred impression within the soul and spirit of thepresentday Fabio Florido we encounter today.From the structured confnes of a conservative training, to what he actually considers''going to music school" amongst the sweaty ravers of Tuscany's underground scene;totraining a watchful eye on electronic music legends from the front row of late nightLondon club sets.Labels like Black Swan, Selected Records, The Triangle and Nightlight Records wereearly to spot Fabio's signature appeal and harness it for solo and split releases.Followedby more EPs on infuential labels like MINUS, SCI+TEC, SECOND STATE,MOOD andmore recently PLUS8.In his own words, each of Fabio's interactions has culminated in him arriving at thisexactpoint: balancing his compulsive passion for music creation with his passionateconsumption of nightlife, in constant pursuit of forward-looking sounds, tools andtechnology. Not to mention more recently becoming the brand ambassador for theforward thinking MODEL1 mixer collective.



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