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Cristi Cons

Electronic music became of interest to Cristi Cons In his early twenties, asbefore then, ever since he was a child, he has been studying the cello andwas constantly surrounded by classical music.When arrived in Bucharest, Cristiwas introduced to a new music genre thatnot only had caught his attention, but it became an exploratory territorywhere he would later on develop a very deep and special sounds. Frommixing to music production, most often alongside his fellow Vlad Caia, underthe SIT alias, the artist has always challenged himself to be more productive,more creative and look outside the usual patterns that other musicians aretempted to adopt.Through hard work and constant passion for creating more, he became oneof thefounders of AMPHIA, a label that explores both the musical and visualjourney, and nonetheless, he continues to amaze crowds in Europe andacross its borders with sets full of emotion



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