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Caruan is a widely respected Dj and a stunning beats maker.
He fell in love with the groove in the early nineties and since then he never took a day away from his records bag.
Well schooled both technically and musically, Caruan is a tireless wax seeker, always looking for the perfect track for the perfect time.
Jazz is the center of his musical vision especially when it comes about productions, as a matter of fact he jams quite often with high profile jazz artists with unique results.
Rhythm and improvisation are the main elements of his performances, Caruan loves to sway between genres with elegance and as naturally outcome you’ll listen to a lawless tracks selection of unknown decade-old gems that make him a true groove craftsman behind the decks.
He is also the owner of Deset Music where is proudly showcasing his twisted and eclectic vision of music. In every release, you can find an irreverent mixture of contemporary sounds with a true old school modus operandi.



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