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Cabanne, also known as Jean-Guillaume Cabanne, is a renowned French DJ and producer. With a career spanning over two decades, he has become a prominent figure in the minimal and microhouse scenes. Cabanne's music is characterized by intricate rhythms, playful sounds, and meticulous attention to detail.
He gained recognition through releases on labels like Perlon and collaborations with artists like Ark and Dan Bell. His captivating DJ sets and energetic live performances have made him a favorite at renowned venues and festivals worldwide. Cabanne's innovative approach to electronic music continues to inspire audiences globally.
Born in France, Cabanne developed a deep passion for music at an early age, influenced by jazz, soul, and funk. In the late 1990s, he emerged as a key figure in the French electronic music scene and associated with Perlon.
As a DJ, Cabanne seamlessly blends tracks across various styles, captivating audiences with his versatility. He has performed at esteemed clubs and festivals globally.
As a producer, Cabanne's releases on labels like Perlon, Telegraph, and Minibar showcase his meticulous approach, featuring intricate percussion patterns and hypnotic melodies. His notable releases include "Le Crapin & La Sookiette" (2004) and collaborations such as the duo Ultrakurt with David Gluck or even Copacabannarck with Ark. Cabanne's contributions to the minimal and microhouse scenes have had a significant impact, shaping the genres and influencing a new generation of artists. Cabanne's journey as a DJ and producer continues to evolve, fueled by his unwavering passion for music and his commitment to pushing artistic boundaries. With his innovative approach, captivating performances, and contributions to electronic music, Cabanne remains an influential and respected figure in the global music community, inspiring audiences and fellow artists alike.



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