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Ten Walls – Queen Album Extended Version

Queen (Extended)” is Ten Walls´s first release for Memento Records.
This 8 tracks album on double vinyl is a vivid depiction of the Lithuanian artist top-notch production skills, his wise use of subtle melodies and harmonic progressions, as well as his pointed dancefloor instinct.
The first cut, “Balboa” is a funky French touched house tune, while “Next Station” is a deeper excursion into esoteric atmospheres, laid back drums and world of sounds.
“Rhapsody” is a fast paced ballad, evocative and profound, that display Ten Walls´s trademark ability to deal with hypnotising arpeggiated bass-lines, as in the slower disco infected following track, “Rocky”.
The compelling “Age Well” stretches out Jonatan Bäckelie´s precious voice on a body of marmoreal drums and an enchanting bass line.
The even slower reduced drums of “Transition” and its bubble-chamber dub gradually prepare us to the dreamy ride of “INK” featuring the vocals of Daddy was A Milkman .Finally, the exquisite “ReExtended” mix of INK melds an orchestral score, Pop and electronic music with dazzling sensitivity.

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