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Cadenza head honcho, Luciano, often collaborates with many other artists, his constant touring schedule blessing him the opportunity to write and produce music with a multitude of like minded producers, and on “Into The Aether”, we get the first part of a two part series of tracks composed with various other Cadenza personnel.

“Arizona Green Song” sees Luciano and Marlowe (AKA Digitaline) get together for a vibrant and busy freak out. A plethora of rattling and sharp percussion cuts through a simple melody line and low slung groove. Building over ten tantric minutes, dubby inflections and hidden voices are woven into the detailed arrangement to great effect.

A collaboration with Dani Casarano results in “Bell’s & Tonic”, a slower paced vibe here, but with plenty of funk, from it’s bending bass line and hand claps to the deft organ touches and shuffling shakers. A world within is created here, again distant voices, rattling cow bells and (yes) livestock and other field recordings are layered here to create a unique ambience.

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NEED2SOUL with Jerome Sydenham



A simple dinner in Berlin transforms into a studio session, which in turn evolves into a track, which sets the spark for what has now materialized as one of the most highly anticipated albums of late. These were the forces which turned a casual evening into an artistic crossroads for Jerome Sydenham (Ibadan Records), AYBEE (Deepblak Recordings), and Ron Trent (Prescription/Future Vision Records). S.A.T short for Sydenham AYBEE, and Trent brings together the creative energies of three of underground dance music's notable stalwarts. Jerome Sydenham long sinced etched into dance music history with his iconic NY based Ibadan Records responsible for some of the most memorable tunes of the last 20 years from a list of Kerri Chandler, Joe Claussell, Dennis F. and many many others. Ron Trent another legendary icon whom's distinguished discography spans 20 plus years, and whose Prescription label also sits atop the pantheon of dance music's most esteemed imprints. AYBEE a Trent discovery in 2001 has since gone on to establish himself as one of the most critically acclaimed, and forward pushing producers of the last plus decade with his Deepblak imprint producing a genre defiant, labeless sound that continues break new ground in electronic spectrum. With the mood in the Sydenham's Berlin studio loose, and organic the trio set out to produce an album full of the elements they love about the dancefloor experience. After three weeks of literally living in the studio the S.A.T album has emerged. Set for release late summer 2014 on Ibadan Records keep your ears posted for what is sure to be one the most memorable projects to surface in recent years.

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2014-04-05 / Michel Cleis / Guendalinadventure / La Lampara club / Trani / Italy
2014-04-05 / Fabrizio Maurizi / Stardust / Terni / Italy
2014-04-09 / Fabrizio Maurizi / Magazzini Generali / Milano / Italy
2014-04-09 /Idriss D/ Magazzini Generali / Milano / Italy
2014-04-12 /Idriss D/ Cocorico/ Riccione / Italy
2014-04-18 / Idriss D / Mararena / Barcelona
2014-04-18 / Michel Cleis / Cadenza Night / Sali Tabacchi / Reggio Emilia / Italy
2014-04-19 / Michel Cleis / Peter Pan / Riccione / Italy
2014-04-19 / Fabrizio Maurizi / Red Skyp Club / Lugano/ Swizzerland
2014-04-19 /Idriss D/ Red Skyp Club / Lugano/ Swizzerland
2014-04-20 / Michel Cleis / La Rocca / Arona / Italy
2014-04-20 /Idriss D/ Nordstern / Basel / Swizzerland
2014-04-20 / Fabrizio Maurizi / Studio Circus / Nice / France
2014-04-21 /Idriss D / Guendalalina / Lecce / Italy
2014-04-21 / Valentino Kanzyani / CirQ / Musile di Piave / Italy



db Artists agency is the brainchild of best friends and music lovers Fabrizio Maurizi and Idriss Dib, supported by long time top-notch Italian nightclub promoter Stefano Borelli.
The main goal, beside actively booking international artists, was to break into Italys' nightlife and party culture by backing up new and upcoming talents and providing them with large-scale dj tours and studio help on the production side. Beginning its collaboration with Freak'n'Chic label, T Agency and Orbeat Bookings, db Artists soon established itself among the a-list of Italian electronic music managements, becoming in a short time the exclusive partner for Clonk and Minus artists, and more recently by representing Cadenza, the most acclaimed label nowadays, lead by renowned stellar dj Lucien Nicolet (Luciano).

db Artist and its team of like minded enthusiasts are constantly evolving and challenging themselves to find new opportunities and looking forward to finding great people to work with, inspired by their shared love of techno beats and house grooves. This unconditional passion and drive lead the two friends to start a sister label called db Artists Musique, which is known for its eclectic and diverse style, showcasing brand new producers next to well-known artists such as Arnaud Le Texier and Fabrizio Maurizi himself.
db Artists plays an important role in selecting djs for Italy's famed clubs like Cocoricò Riccione, Amnesia Milano, Area Sassuolo, Il Muretto, Guendalina, Bizzarro, Tag and Fresh'n'Fruit.
Over the last years, it has promoted Cadenza Vagabundos and has organized massive events featuring Luciano and his crew of unconventional artists and djs, drawing much attention and widespread recognition.

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Director: Idriss Dib
Vicolo Storta 14,
46100 Mantova (Italy)
VAT 02056980200


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From an idea of Idriss Dib and Fabrizio Maurizi. With its roster continuously updated, db Management is today one of the best italian djs booking agency.